WWW-based Ubiquitous Environment for e-Learning and High-Performance Computing

Project Staff and Roles

Principal Investigator:
  • Associate Professor Alexander Vazhenin has about 30 years experience in research and development of complex computing systems, and more than 80 research papers published. His research interests and specialization include parallel, distributed and heterogeneous computing, Internet and WWW-applications, Visual Programming and Visualization of Methods and Information Processes, Operating Systems, Parallel Algorithms in Numerical Analysis, Multi-precision Parallel Arithmetic, and Software Engineering in Computational Science Applications.  He is responsible for the system architecture design and realization, human/computer interface as well as coordination of all participants.

  • Professor Nikolay Mirenkov has extensive experience in parallel programming and distributed parallel systems, include visualization, sonification and filmification of methods, film(visual) databases, multimedia signs and self-explanatory components. He will implement a human/computer interface design as well as expert testing of the workplace quality.
  • Associate Professor John Brine has 25 years experience in educational technology and applied linguistics. He also has extensive experience in research design, language pedagogy, and computer communications. He has experience with implementation and evaluation of e-Learning in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.
  • Assistant Professor Takao Maeda His research interests include Operating Systems, methodology of education aided by computers, mathematics and higher education research. He will responsible for the organization and filling the e-Learning database. 
  • Assistant Lecturer Yutaka Watanobe Research interests include visual query systems using visual languages, component (visual) databases and filmification of methods, and visual programming languages and environments. We will program and debug some parts of the software.
                       Designed by Dmitry Vazhenin              
Active Knowledge Engineering Laboratory