WWW-based Ubiquitous Environment for e-Learning and High-Performance Computing

Research Goal, Expected Achievements, Originality

The main goal of the project proposing is in research and development of the multi-purposed Distributed Heterogeneous Environment that can easily be adapted to the different application areas. The basic system architecture consists of the server and client parts. The server part will include developing a set of utilities allowing programming and adaptation to the user’s profiles and concrete application area. It will also include a set of tools supporting visual programming and Internet computing.

In the proposed investigations, we are based on a concept of the Movie-Based Programming using a movie-like representation of algorithms and methods [1-6]. This environment supports different types of the user's projects distinguished according to programming platforms and languages, type of a target machine, user's specialization, etc. It includes also the Executing and Monitoring Subsystem allows the user to check compilation errors as well as execute and watch computational processes in real time. The Project Management System storing, manipulating and serving with the user's project files and data including also so-called non–programming projects that are used to create general-purpose e-Learning courses like Math, Physics, etc.

The process of the research implementation is based on using modern technologies like object-oriented programming, clustering computational and multimedia resources, networking as well as parallel, distributed and client/server including Multimedia, Internet and Ubiquitous Computing. Mobile application will be realized using as well as Java Mobile, Windows CE and .NET Framework platforms.

The set of application-oriented clients can be realized as usual workstations increasing the total computational power of the system as well as end-user mobile ubiquitous devices created on the basis of embedded technologies. To confirm the reliability of our approach, we’ll develop two important applications based on e-Learning Platform and high-performance computing. The peculiarities of those applications are presented below:
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