The 2013 ACM-ICPC Asia Aizu Regional Contest
November 23-25, 2013
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The 2013 Nationwide Internet Contest (Domestic Contest) is a preliminary contest for any team which belongs to a university or college in Japan.

The registration deadline for the Domestic Contest is June 28, 2013 (Fri).

To participate in the Asia Regional Aizu On Site Contest (Regional Contest), all teams in Japan must compete in the Nationwide Internet Contest (Domestic Contest), and be selected according to the Team Selection Rule.

Any non-Japan-based team (whose members all belong to a university / college in a foreign country) have NO NEED to participate in the Nationwide Internet Contest (Domestic Contest).

Domestic Contest
July 12 (Fri) 16:30-19:30
(Practice time from 11:00 to 15:00.)
Each team competes at their university/college.
Held over the Internet
Get the problems and input data from a specified WWW site. Write a program. Submit the program through a Web interface.
Note: The URL for the WWW site will be announced via e-mail.
  • 6 total problems 
  • Problems description will be written in English. There will also be Japanese versions available.

Each team must have 3 contestants and 1 coach. Throughout the contest, each team shall be supervised by a faculty member as a proctor. A proctor may supervise two or more teams. Details can be seen here.